OK, here we go with the launch of my second Portland birding website... the other having been handed-over long ago and now run by Warden Martin Cade at Portland Bird Observatory.

'Birding Portland UK' supports Portland Bird Obs 100% but is independently owned and managed. Views expressed here do not represent, or purport to represent, either Portland Bird Observatory staff, members or any other Portland Birder/s apart from the author.

My name is Keith. I took my first bird field notes when I was nine, fifty years ago. I still have them: 'blue tits are cheeky birds' and 'mother blackbirds are brown'. How things have moved on.. ugh hum. So, I'm a birder by nature and a photographer by profession - now part-retired. My wife Catherine and I moved to Portland in June 1991. My first birding visit here was in 1972. 

Nowadays I usually bird with my mate Jon. He's had a lifelong interest in birds but is a relative newcomer to the hobby as such, quiet, optimistic and endlessly patient... unburdened with the 'baggage' that characterises so many (of us), seasoned spotters!

This blog is intended as a light-hearted look at day-to-day birding activity on the 'island' and a few popular locations nearby in the Weymouth area.

"Here's a pretty 'bog-standard' introduction to those of you who may not know our area:

Hello from the Isle of Portland on the beautiful 'Jurassic' UNESCO World Heritage Coast in the county of Dorset in southern England!

Due to our geographical position - sticking some six miles out into the English Channel, migrating birds pass through and over here, often in large numbers, in their attempt to reduce their flying distance over the ocean.

For over fifty years the area has been recognised as a mecca for birdwatching - and with such a wide variety of habitats nearby the area holds outstanding ornithological interest all year round."

As for the rest, please read on: