Cabo Verde / Cape Verde Islands 2014

21st - 27th, March 2014

Birding tour.

Raso Lark - one of the world's rarest birds

desert road

Male Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark

Cream-coloured Courser (endemic race exsul) - what a super species!

The Iago Sparrow - male

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approaching Raso Island, Cape Verde... in hope of the Raso Lark!

Western Reef Heron and the 2nd recorded Spotted Crake for CVIs

Cape Verde Swift - NB pale throat and shallow tail fork

mountains as well as plateau

Greater Hoopoe Lark

Kestrel - of the alexandri race

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Male Kentish Plover

Searching for the endemic Swamp Warbler

and we got it - the Cape Verde Swamp Warbler, that is!

Brown-necked Raven

Red-billed Tropic Bird

When the going gets tough...

Cape Verde Shearwater

Cape Verde Shearwater

The Jolly Boys Outing

Cape Verde Shearwater

A waiting game...

Iago Sparrow - female (take my word for it)

birders ready for anything...

Great White Egret

the Merlin-like neglectus Kestrel

The 'Mystery' Plover... I'd call it a Ringed

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gorgeous women...  even on a bird boat!

plenty of Ospreys

Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde Islands

Tarrafal - we stayed at the place on the right.

It was great to meet everyone! 

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Tour organised by Birdfinders