The Last Post

Saturday, 12th April 2014

Dear all. This is the final post for 'birdingportlanduk' as I mentioned on my tweet last night. I would like to thank all the readers for their interest and support during the last couple of years. Some of you will know that I began this project to keep myself occupied in the evenings when my wife Catherine had to go into the nursing home. Despite a few ups and downs things have settled down are going very well for us both now. I have been very much aware that birdingportlanduk has strayed off topic quite a lot over the past twelve months and it has been increasingly hard to come up with anything different from the news and information that's routinely circulated elsewhere; hence I now plan to devote my time to gulls and terns which is my current field of ornithological interest. The new blog 'gullsandterns.blogspot' will therefore continue and hopefully thrive as a result. I will of course also carry on tweeting out local news.. and try hard to keep that on a birding theme too.

Take care, and great birding. Keith.

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