The End of a White Weekend

Sunday, 2nd March 2014

It has been a thoroughly successful and rewarding weekend. I began this morning at West Bexington and half way between the car park and the Mere caught up with another adult Glaucous Gull. On the way home I stopped off at Abottsbury Hill where the 3rd calendar year Kumlien's Gull had been seen recently. It flew in and I was delighted to get some photos.

3CY Kumlien's Gull at Abbotsbury Hill, Dorset - 2nd March 2014

Here is the Glaucous Gull. I am going to age this bird as most likely being a 5th calendar year, 4th winter gull as it appears to show some traces of brown in the coverts. It is interesting to notice that p10 on the right wing appears partly grown, probably so and not broken as it has a 'tidy' tip. This would indicate that the bird is in late moult.. it's rare to find a Glaucous like this by the end of February. I would imagine that this individual might readily be identified by this feature among all the other photos of Glaucs that have been taken locally this winter.


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