Red Kite Revenge

Saturday, 15th March 2014

There you go, you can't keep Portland down!  As soon as I go away to Berkshire for a couple of days birding and tweet back about how great the Red Kites are and the fact that there aren't any on Portland, what happens?  You guessed it, the day I return one comes circling over PBO and the East Cliffs to be enjoyed by everyone. Debby Saunders got a terrific photo of it flying around the Bird Observatory tower.

So as not to be outdone here is the photo I tweeted, taken in, ugh hum, Berkshire, I'm embarrassed to admit. I do have a good excuse for having missed this particular Portland Kite though: while they were all watching the bird, I was away at Cerne Abbas (nursing home) taking my lovely wife out in the sun. I will dedicate this picture to Catherine. 

Red Kite - over my brother's garden.

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