Nearly Homeless!

Wednesday, 5th February 2014 

Determined to get out birding in the wake of the great storm last night I ventured down to Chesil Cove shortly after dawn. There, the 'Environmental People' and a TV film crew were hard at work watching the breaking waves. No interesting birds were to be found and absolutely needing to get to Dorchester, and not risk being island bound if the Beach Road was closed later due to flooding at high water, I rather soon departed.

Black-necked Grebe

Before leaving the island completely though I called in to quickly scan Portland Harbour close to the castle. It wasn't raining - yet, but once again blowing the proverbial 'hooley'. Several Razorbills were seeking shelter close in to the shore. A single Black-necked Grebe was surprisingly 'well in' for a species that usually remains out on open water. A Great-crested Grebe was also present, so too were three Great northern Divers. On reaching Weymouth I popped into Radipole for a few minutes and once again missed an adult Glaucous Gull 'just by the skin of my teeth'. 

Some token wildfowl.

So long was my stay with Catherine at Dorset County Hospital (around ten hours including 'op.'), that I quite feared becoming stranded and unable to return home for a good night's sleep if the evening tide were to cause similar chaos and render Portland inaccessible once again.

Fortunately the winds abated, and as you can see I'm back.. wondering what adventures life will chuck at us tomorrow? After all that 'weather' we all know there's something out there to be found. I just wish I had more time to do it!

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