White Wings over the Chesil

Saturday, 25th January 2014

White wings, and for once I don't mean Meds. Finally things have come together and I have eventually caught up with the Chesil White-winged Gull. 

Glaucous Gull at West Bexington, Dorset - 25th January 2014

The bird, believed to be the same one seen a couple of times on Portland a few weeks back was initially thought likely to be an Iceland Gull.  On relocation at West Bexington and Cogden Beach a few miles along the coast to the west, observers have since concluded it's is a Glaucous. 


After several tip offs that the bird was at Bex. I headed there this morning to be told that the gull had just flown past to the east. The bird was however perched right in front of the car park on the shore from. I was soon accompanied by other local birders. Brett and I photographed the bird as it remained on the beach and in flight.

Later this afternoon I prepared and tweeted the photograph below. On doing this because of the bird's somewhat rounded head shape I have kept telling myself that it must be a female... the 'prettiest looking Glaucous Gull I can remember seeing'. Soon after posting the photo I was thumbing to and fro through my well used and tabbed copy of Olsen, double checking out a number of features for both Glauc. and Iceland. The question of Glaucous / Iceland hybrid crossed my mind. Another Portland birder, on seeing the photo, has expressed the same view.


At the moment I do believe the bird is a Glaucous, but this maybe both a good reason and excuse for researching barrovianus, of which I know virtually nothing.

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