Continental Bling

Friday, 10th January 2014

There was more 'bling' on offer on the Med Gulls at Radipole today than at the local branch of Samuels the Jewellers!  A large influx of Meds locally in recent days still doesn't bring the numbers up to anything like those wintering over the past few years, but - and it's a big one as far as I am concerned, we have had some very mild weather. Here are some more colour rings. I have sent off all the details, as I suspect several other local birders may do so, and I will report anything of particular interest here soon. The white on red ring here would appear to be from Hungary. I am awaiting confirmation. A bird or birds from that country have been reported by one or two other west Dorset birders lately. This could be a Med. Gull Country Tick for me! If you have never heard of that phenomena and haven't participated in this, one of the latest and 'coolest' crazes to hit local birding, no wonder you 'find gulls boring'!

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