Colour ringed - Ouzel and Med Gulls.

Saturday, 14th December 2013

I was back at Radipole Lake today for a brief while checking out the gulls. Judging by their rings Meds were present from France and Germany.. together with our old friend 'Red YAA2' from Serbia. All colour-ringed birds' sightings have been duly dispatched. I will post a few comments on the results here soon.

The colour-ringed Ring Ouzel seen on the East Weares this autumn came from Glen Clunie and was ringed as a pullus (posh word for 'baby') on July 2nd. Click here for a particularly enlightening location map of the area. Thanks to David Arthur and the guys in Scotland for the ringing info.

dark green / red (right leg) & BTO / white (left leg) – ring no LE61067, brood/3 – ringed 2/7/13 at NO1409779204 (seen Portland Bill 27/10/13)

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