100th Blog Post and my Favourite Bird

Sunday, 8th December 2013

Perhaps it's fitting that by chance my 100th blog post should concern my favourite locally occurring bird, the Mediterranean Gull.  After a almost three weeks of my being unable to get out again because of family commitment Jon and I paid a fleeting glimpse to Radipole Lake this afternoon. There was just enough time for a scan of the gulls in the car park. This yielded two colour-ringed birds. These may well have been reported already, but I have sent the details off to Belgium anyway.

'E592' black on white, at Radipole today.

'580' white on green, at Radipole today.

It's interesting to report that the red-colour ringed Med Gull. I photographed at Ferrybridge back in August, comes from Serbia. The bird 'YAA2' has been spotted several times locally... over several years!

'YAA2'  from Serbia, at Ferrybridge, Portland, back in August.

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