Yellow-legged / Lbb Gull ? - an October bird

Monday, 28th October 2013

Update: after a conversation with Brett I have become persuaded that this is a very pale Lesser Black-backed Gull. We have agreed this because of the 'lightweight form' of the bird, and importantly the remaining few juvenile scapulars which Larus michahellis - would have (of course!) by now replaced. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this one - it's a steep learning curve!

Here are some photos of a putative 1st year, Yellow-legged Gull seen on the Bill Common early this morning. I am now saying 'putative' as this species is rarely seen here in October and graellsii Lbbs are notoriously variable in plumage at this time of their development. Comments here, or by 'tweet' on @portlandbirder are most welcome. Thank you.

Nb the pictures are very rough and ready and meant for discussion purposes only. Included is a shot of a similarly aged Lesser Black-backed Gull taken at the same place at the same time for reference.

Lesser Black-backed Gull

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