Yellow-legged Gulls at Portland Bill

Thursday, August 8th 2013

Crazy day today. I took 388 photos of gulls at the Bill, and there weren't that many of them about! Barmy really but who cares.

I will be posting a decent selection of juvenile Yellow-legged Gull images taken this morning under this post (adding from time to time) and making comments, sensible and otherwise, on each. 

Pretending to be a Sea Eagle - juvenile Larus michahellis, Portland Bill, today.

no primary or secondary moult yet as this bird is only a few months old

rather Herring Gull - like 'piano key' greater coverts on this bird

'Show us yer tertials': dark centred with narrow white borders

a clear view of the juvenile lower scapulars and the narrow pale-edged tertials

the darker, outer greater coverts are more obvious here - see also top flight shot

striking dark tail band contrasts with white tail base and upper-tail coverts

Both are juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls, Larus michahellis

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