Summer Sunday.. hic, I think

Sunday, 25th August 2013

Birding began at Radipole this morning. Nothing unusual to report there but a lot of photographing of juvenile, large gulls' tertials (very serious stuff). Here is the picture of the morning from that visit. I'll spare everyone the Laridae for once.

Great-crested Grebe feeding baby - Radipole Lake, Weymouth - 25th August 2013

Back then to home and our usual post-birding, tea and doughnut session. Come the afternoon and I was well and truly ensconced in the Eight Kings with neice, other half and four, small children. We were all having a whale of a time at the Southwell Beer Festival underway almost opposite my front door... until that is, I happened to spot a leading member of our ornithological fraternity, whom I will name 'Tracker' for the purposes of this blog, scampering past outside (like a rat up the proverbial drainpipe). Clearly something was afoot.

I had left my mobile over home, not that I would have gotten a signal anyway! I dashed out and yelled after him to discover that Brett (from Weymouth ;-) had found an Icterine Warbler barely 100 yards along the road.

Nice, but no panic then... an hour or so later, I drifted / floated / went along to see it. Here are a few pictures:

Icterine Warbler - Southwell, Portland - 25th August 2013


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