East Weares in August, and a New Bird for the Patch

Thursday, 29th August 2013

Well, after almost a month's break from regular watching our local patch, Portland's Penn and East Weare, collectively know as the 'East Weares', Jon and I have begun the autumn coverage, with gusto (whoever that is).

We've both been along there from time to time independently, but after the excitement of the young Ravens and Peregrines, as the birds go quiet for midsummer, and there's not much movement, so we have made rather few visits this month.

Over the past week the average species day total for our regular route has risen to thirty species. Thirty seven species have been seen there so far this August, and fifty six species overall during the same period for both this year and last combined.

I have clocked up a few autumn migrants including: Garden and Willow Warblers, Wheatear, Spotted Flycatcher and Common Redstart. 

Today we were thrilled to add a new species to the site / patch list; that being a Kingfisher that Jon spotted miles off. In fact so far away was the bird, perched on a rock in the sea at Little Beach, that we didn't even identify it until the photograph below was enlarged!

A Kingfisher sits on the rock in the centre of the picture - full frame photo at 630mm lens (35mm equiv. focal length)

The mega distant' Kingfisher - only identified on enlarging the photo!

We like to think we know the shape of every rock along that 1.6 miles of coast (where no other birders bother to go), and look forward to keeping you informed about any further irregularity in the landscape!

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