Each To His Own

Sunday, 16th June 2013

I spent the morning birding at Radipole, I say 'birding', Jon and I were 'gulling' 90% of the time. We decided to have a change and get off the island for a few hours... until news of a Greenish Warbler back on Portland at the Observatory came through, when we promptly left to go and have a look. By the time we had gotten to the Obs the bird was nowhere to be seen. Not to worry though, Jon's not that bothered about twitching. I have seen several before - and was returning home with a whole load of photographs of June adult, Lesser Black-backed Gull underwing shots for my files. 

On hearing that the warbler had reappeared this evening I snuk back down there, and caught the briefest of views of the Greenish, just managing to see enough details to 'clinch it'.

Today's highlight however was getting these Lesser Black-backed photos.. 'Each To His Own'!

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