A New Bird for the Patch!

Monday, 24th June 2013

We were out again today 'cruising the Weares' here on Portland. Jon saw the pair of Mallard again on Friday; as elusive as ever, we imagine they must be breeding somewhere locally. Similarly the pair of Shelduck have been in evidence from time to time.

It was a beautifully sunny morning this morning and there were plenty of birds around, and finally we had a 'rather decent' bird for the area. I say bird, as there were six together... Crossbills. They swirled in overhead as if from nowehere, with several Goldfinches, landed very briefly on the top of a small tree not far from us, and then immediately took off, except for two, one of which allowed the very quick 'record shot' you see below. This is a new species for our patch!

Crossbill at East Weare.

Following that excitement, we were on our way back past Grove Point when we encountered, for the first time this year, young Peregines. Here they are showing at last - pretty well fledged and about to leave the nest ledge at any time I guess. Indeed last season's youngsters had already flown by this date.

Young Peregrine Falcons about to leave the nest, Grove Point, Portland, 24th June, 2013.

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