April Daze

Tuesday 2nd April, 2013

I most often don't go after other people's birds - unless, as I mentioned before, it's something very special. The fourth Bluethroat of the Spring, discovered yesterday at Chesil Cove when I was away with my wife on her birthday, thankfully stayed on. This Bluethroat picture is dedicated to Catherine.

Bluethroat at Chesil Cove, Portland - April 2nd, 2013

Sandwich Terns are appearing daily now as well:

This afternoon I did the Weares Walk, with the 'tour extension' that takes in the old swimming pools, Folly Pier and the Tidal Pools - at 'ground level'. Three and a half miles almost, of very little. Mind you, birding in the afternoons is never as productive as mornings, there at least. I wandered back, eating bananas, and wondering if all the Fulmars were also feeding... far out to sea. They are often apparently missing from the ledges late in the day. Talking about ledges, I have become fascinated with the Jackdaws there lately and would love to know just how many birds are present. There were at least eighteen today. I will try a guesstimate a breeding number as the season progresses.

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