Overnight Landslip

Thursday, 28th March 2013

We started our Weares' coverage at seven o'clock this morning and I had been up again since five. There was ice on garden pond before I left. This is unusual enough in Southwell, yet alone at the end of March!

We managed to find the female Black Redstart that Jon saw at Little Beach yesterday. The bird was feeding on a fresh landslide of Kimmeridge Clay. Depressions in horizontal areas of the newly extended landslide currently hold water. These 'pools' are just about large enough to attract the odd, or more likely, not so 'odd', wader!

Here is a quick 'phone photo' of Little Beach taken this morning showing the extended landslide of black clay.

A new species for the Weares' year list was Blackcap (female). Other 'highlights' this morning, were a Guillemot - not often seen off this part of the shore, and two each of Chiffchaffs and Sandwich Terns.

We were grateful for a phone call from a friend at the Obs informing us that a second (a female) Bluethroat had been ringed. At the time we were at the furthest possible point from the cars - at 'Hoopoe Corner', near King's Pier, and so content with having seen the male bird the other day, we continued with our coverage regardless.

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