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Wednesday, 27th March, 2013

This is long overdue, but this evening I am posting some location / habitat shots of the East Weares (Penn's and East Weare) Portland. I haven't done many before because I carry the camera set-up for bird photography, and I don't want to be faffing around swapping lenses around in the field. It suddenly dawned on me the other day though that I could use my phone for this purpose. These are therefore snapshots, taken in whatever light happened, or didn't happen to be available, and without much care over composition! They will give you a pretty good idea of the relative remoteness of our vast patch - where virtually nobody else ever bothers to bird.

All of these photos were taken this month, March 2013.

This is near the start of our walk. We follow a path along the line of an old railway track last used in the 1960s. For the first half mile or so there are steep cliffs to our left hand-side.

On our right-hand side the track looks over disused and overgrown limestone quarry workings that reach several hunderd yards down and across to the sea. We are facing east in the early on a misty morning as the sun comes up.

This is the same area. It is impenetrable for the most part.

We have moved further along by about a half a mile and are now down in the area to the right where it is partly accessible. The cliffs and our railway-line path run left to right at the top of the picture. Here we have the site of some old pools. You can see the concrete surrounds among the undergrowth.

Only one pool continues to hold water; usually very little, but somewhat more during this wet spring. Most often there is little more than a puddle of water here so we usually only scan over part of the pool from the path which is up above, to the right of this picture. Clearly it's a site we need to check out in the wetter months more often.

We have now reached the end of our walk where we must turn around and follow the same route home. This is because a large fence behind us prevents further progress into land owned by Portland Port. We need to climb back up a gentle slope to reach the railway-line path that follows the base of the cliffs back to our starting point. The headland you can see here is called Grove Point. It's about halfway back to the car, and then less than five minutes to home.

Standing on the same spot I have turned around; here is the Portland Port fence that stops us from walking further along the shore to the north. By standing on the end of 'King's Pier' here (and looking left) you can see the Harbour Breakwater. Unfortunately it's just too far away to see any details through binoculars on birds such as the many gulls that often settle there.

Finally for today: Jon saw a Black Redstart at Little Beach this morning. The Beach is just around the headland by Grove Point. This is the first one 'we' have had here this year.

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