Double Whammy!

Tuesday, 26th March 2013

Yep, double glory. Before that I'm posting a picture of a bird that's as 'cool', as kids would say, as any Bluethroat. (re. recent post).

Redbreast - Penn's Weare, Portland - March 26th, 2013

I struck well this morning, and in view of the minus wind chill factors on the east side of the island, much worse than they get at the Bill ;-), in almost a four hour coverage I deservedly found two new birds for the patch. 

The first, a Woodcock, exploded from the bushes at head height, just in front of me, on the narrow path that leads to the beach by the Portland Port fence. The species is frequently seen on Portland in winter, at Culverwell in particular. It's somewhat overdue on our East Weare list therefore.

The second species was Moorhen, which is a very irregular, early spring visitor to the island - rarer than Bee-eater for example. I have only seen one Moorhen on Portland before.

Having said all this, I have an admission to make: I strayed a little away from our usual path. After checking out the old pools from up on the railway line path, as we always do, I slipped down through the bushes to have a better look, as there's quite a bit of water in one of these at present. Jon keeps saying we must have a better look at these. Unfortunately today he was at work!

Woodcock and Moorhen were new for the Weares, and by definition, new species for our 2013 Weares list.
The usual four species of raptor were in evidence this morning as well. This Sparrowhawk was displaying where we most often see the species near Portland Port fence.


The end!

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