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Sunday, 10th March 2013

A rather chilly, but nevertheless pleasant couple of hours on the East Weares late morning today. We battled against the expected blasting north-easterly, that didn't prove to be that bad after all. Most birds had gone to ground. We saw hardly any passerines. 

The only thing of note were four flocks of around sixty each Woodpigeons that came in off the sea. Quite a few of the birds took to what little tree cover there is immediately on arrival. 

Wood Pigeon - Portland - the other day.

Wood Pigeons - East Weare, Portland - 10th March 2013

Peregrines, between one an four, were out in force and surprisingly active with one, flying far out to sea. We witnessed another bird with a kill that was most likely a pigeon. The raptor returned to the cliff, scattering feathers everywhere.

A pair of Ravens in the same area appeared to be different birds from the rather 'ragged' one seen here over the past few days.

After seeing no Shags at all during our last visit on Wednesday, which is unusual, about five were present today. There was also a good number of Oystercatcher, up to eight had been blown in, which we have only seen twice before.

We were especially lucky in missing the rain today, arriving later in the field than 'braver' birders, thus we avoided the drenching. By more than good fortune we managed to finish after only two hours, just as the first spots started.

No birds of note, but "Never mind," as we say, "at least we were out there." Besides, on a day like today we both had better things to do: Portland's answer to Mark Kermode was off to the cinema as usual, and yours truly... a gentle Sunday Guinness Session, in the newly refurbished Eight Kings!

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