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Wednesday, 6th March 2013

Ok, enough of this frivolity. It has been quite a challenge to keep the blog going when there has been so little bird coverage and news; so please excuse some of the nonsense that has appeared here lately.

Jon and I spent the best part of this afternoon 'down the Weares' again. Things began well with a Great Spotted Woodpecker seen briefly at the start of our walk, near Wakeham. The species seems to be establishing itself now on Portland. We are all hoping they might be proved breeding on the island this year, for the first time ever. 

The highlight of our trip was a pair of Mallard present down on one of the tidal pools near Grove Point. This was a Weares tick for Jon and only my sixth ever sighting for the species on patch. Every record to date has involved a pair of birds, seen either in spring or autumn. The metal thing by the ducks is something we call 'The Bomb'! It's actually a remnant Second World War mine.

Mallard and 'The Bomb' - East Weares - 6th March 2012

The next best bird for today was a Grey Heron way down among the rocks. We only saw this species here six times last year, less often than Little Egret! As you can see though it might be much more easily overlooked. The first sighting, and the highest count for Grey Heron was three birds together in flight on August 6th.

Grey Heron - East Weares - 6th March 2012

Our total number of species for the three hour walk today was twenty four species. A good day at peak migration time can produce almost twice that number. We did miss Dunnock which one would expect to see on almost every visit.

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