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Sunday, 30th March 2013

Pied Wagtail - Wakeham / Penn Weare, Portland - March 30th 2013

We popped in for the Bluethroat off Weston Street this morning, and despite being the first ones there, we were soon joined by an appreciative throng. Four Black reds... 'three ducks and a drake', were also present. After a quick glimpse of the BT we headed off to the Weares... to find our own . lol

Four hours later and our final tally is what you see below. For the past couple of joint visits Jon and I have seen thirty three species each trip. The number is gradually building, while there are still hardly any migrants going through.

Birding away from the crowds today, in the sun - for a change, was very enjoyable. Our past few trips have been so quiet here though that I haven't bothered to comment. Not only that; I have also been slowly recovering from a chronic blow to my birding confidence... having recently claimed Moorhen when it most likely wasn't!  The fleeting view of the back end of the bird I saw the other day, was we now know, the other species that went through my mind at the time: the Water Rail. I not only misjudged the size, but I also firmly believed I had seen the dark 'line' up the centre of the undertail coverts - when I could not have done. I have subsequently seen a Water Rail in exactly the same place two days ago, so... that's one bird off the Weare's list, but a somewhat more expected one on. What a plonker!

OK, back to today. Black-headed and Common Gull were both new for the year today, as was Pied Wagtail and Bullfinch. Seven Oystercatcher were roosting together at high tide by Folly Pier. 

Folly Pier, East Weares, Portland - March 30th 2013

 and the Oystercatchers:

Now, these may all be 'common or garden', everyday, even black and white species that don't require a great deal of vetting. Not meaning to be outdone by other local bloggers, who have all, (despite the cold weather), been coming out in a rash recently to publicise their skills in determining sub-species and races, I include my own timely contribution.

The 'Continental' Bunny:

Bunny - East Weares, Portland - March 31st 2013

Now, for those keen to deride, and believe I'm just being silly. Think about it...

There never been such a thing as a British Brer Ra**it.

Mammals, after all, and not 'water birds', were once my professed speciality.  ;-)

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