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Monday, February 25th 2013

I had to severely chastise a leading member of the local, ornithological fraternity the other day. The reason being that he has several times recently suggested publicly that a number of local (well that's how I took it) birders, had been 'staying indoors' because of the cold weather.

'Staying Indoors' may I remind you, is the Cardinal Sin here... except it appears, for when 'sea-watching' from inside the PBO Common Room. Upon attempting to explain himself I received a somewhat spluttering explanation that he had not seen many of us 'wandering around the Bill' of late - from the aforementioned premises!

Enough of this nonsense. I have been out, and so have most of the rest of the Mafia, including one or more 'notorious Portland hitmen'. Mind you, for myself at least, it has been a mostly miserable experience; b****y freezing with just nothing to write about, hence the silence. Make the most of it though for spring is indeed around the corner. Swallows have been sighted in Spain by a PBO correspondent on the Costa. By Sunday one had reached Cornwall.

On to today, and like several times last week I returned to Radipole in the search for rare gulls. Even an 'uncommon gull', if you will forgive the pun, would have been welcome. Instead we saw two Avocets. A welcome change too! Here we have them below. They are poked down into the bottom, left-hand side of the frame, just in case the elusive Larus glaucoides condescended to surprise me, and at the very last second, drop in to complete the picture!

Avocets - Radipole Lake - February 26th 2013

On another, but somewhat related note: will someone please tell Luke that anyone who disturbs the gulls at Radipole car park, fully deserves to have their pasty nicked. Nice one!

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