Wednesday, 6th February 2013

For readers in far-off places, this is the Goldfinch, one of our most familiar birds. Whoever, and wherever you are, I have posted this photo for no other reason than to help brighten your day. It certainly has mine. Have a good one!


No wonder the Goldfinch is airy and light,
On thistledown feasted from morning to night;
The seedlings of flow'rets have wings of their own,
Gay Goldfinch can catch them before they are flown.

The Golfinch's bonnet is greatly admired,
In yellow and scarlet he's richly admired;
Well may he be fine, for he lives upon seeds
Of bright colour'd blossoms and flourishing weeds.


Goldfinch - Portland Bird Observatory - February 6th 2013

A history of British Birds...  - William Macgillivray - 1837

Goldfinch illustration in book by William Morris - 1870

Goldfinch woodcut by Thomas Bewick - 1847

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