Wednesday, 27th February 2013

Well done Brett on the shots of the Iceland Gull. They look even better on here than they did on your camera when I saw you at Radipole minutes after I arrived from Portland... and the bird had predictably just flown off!  I am planning to return tomorrow afternoon at around the same time.

I did see the Herring Gull you posted the photos of, on my morning Radipole visit today as well. However, I didn't see the tertials that well... as you say it's a 'interesting' bird.

Congratulations on the job. I hope you enjoyed the meal! You have had a great day.

Jon and I did our usual rounds this morning, but all we saw of note was the presumed same Eider at Portland Harbour, by the Sailing Academy. Very soon now we will be embarking on our regular coverage of the East Weares, Portland. We were chatting about it this morning as usual, - 'reckon it's about a fortnight now!

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