Back on Patch - East Weares, Portland

Monday, 4th February 2012

It's started!  We were back on patch today at the East Weares, Portland. Very pleasant and even warm at times in the sun, on the undercliff along the old railway line footpath.

OK, we only saw half the amount of species one might catch up with in May or October, but apart from the lack of migrants, it almost seemed as if the spring had started. I did think I heard a Chiffchaff call once at an area of bushes and Sycamore trees we call the 'Glory Hole', below Grove point. I won't claim this one though, officially

Fulmar, Feral Pigeons and Buzzard - East Weares - 4th February 2013

A pair of Kestrels were frequenting the territory there, and Fulmars will have been back on the ledges for some while now. A single Buzzard wound its' way along Penn Weare. I photographed it so I might be able to tell if it's one of the regulars or not.

Jon spotted a lone Guillemot preening way down on the rocks by the waters edge - possibly one of the recently 'oiled' birds, but it looked very well from a distance. A single Razorbill out on the sea meant we have checked off both auks on the East Weares 2013 list, almost from the word 'go'.

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