A Grinding Halt - Well Almost

Tuesday, February 12th 2013

Birding Portland UK has come to a grinding halt. Well almost. This must be one of the quietest weeks of the year for birding here. We strive on though in the relentless pursuit of that ultimate goal, whatever that is? The usual winter rounds, from Portland Castle to Ferrybridge and on to Radipole Lake, have produced nothing remarkable over the past few days. A female Eider two days ago in the harbour. Good numbers of Med. Gulls and Black-headed Gulls feeding in quite separate flocks within a few hundred yards apart also at the harbour, at low tide, off Ham Beach today. Jon and I are out again tomorrow for a couple of hours or so, so watch this space!

Grey Heron - Portland Harbour - February 12th 2013

OK so I don't know why I'm grizzling. Spare a thought for poor, fellow local-birder Fred, who fell down, 'a over t', in the Hut Field the other day, and broke his leg - thrice over. Catch the full story on Brett's blog (link on the right of this page). Excellent coverage via the Spencer & Cade News Service!

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