January 23rd - 'evening update'

Wednesday, 23rd January 2013 - part 2

This afternoon on our rounds I photographed two winter-visitor members of the Turdidae tribe; Fieldfare and Redwing. They both have yellowish bases to their lower under mandiples, but apart from that, are quite readily distinguished - by even the most tenderfoot thrush watchers.  ;-)

The Redwing

The Fieldfare

Both birds were photographed near to Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy where small flocks have been present on the roadside verges for several days.  Further Fieldare, numbering some 120 birds strong, were present this afternoon at 'Bill Hill', Southwell.

'Pink-breasted' Black-headed Gulls have been turning up with some frequency over the past few weeks. The bird below was one of several present at Radipole Lake car park this afternoon.

Pink-breasted Black-headed Gull - Radipole Lake - 23rd January 2013

Well, that's about enough for one day, so without further ado, I'll gracefully bow out.

Black-headed Gull - January 23rd 2013

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