Some Resident Species

Monday, 7th January 2013

and today's theme is - 'mean'

Kestrel - Portland Bill

Herring Gulls (L. a. argenteus) - Portland Bill

Well, this blogging malarkey is getting a bit complicated already.. and I have only been 'live' for a few hours! The pictures you see above were actually taken yesterday (Sunday). They were posted today however, extremely early in the morning, with today's date, so that they wouldn't confuse things from yesterday (proper), when the theme was Great Black-backed Gulls. I had anticipated putting something else here for today, somehow separated from the 'winter resident' pictures (by a horizontal line perhaps) - but I didn't get out after all. This is because I missed two phone calls from my mate Jon, accidentally... as a non-birding friend called in, and we were sat downstairs drinking tea and reminiscing about our various experiences in Ireland.

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