Morning Assembly

Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

Not the most fervent Congregationalist I nevertheless do deem to attend Morning Assembly at the Obs (Portland Bird Observatory) several times a week. It's not far after all; less than ten minutes walk, or drive, as I prefer to do - in the face of a blasting north-easterly.

OK so the weather isn't so bad today. No frost, ice or snow, like we see on the telly, but 'dashed unpleasant' nonetheless. There have been plenty of birds milling about over the ocean though; mainly auks, gannets and gulls. Red-throated Divers were moving westwards, and best of all, someone spotted a line of eleven Shelduck, 'going east'.

The morning's conversation largely centred around something that's become routine in recent years: the annual birding pilgrimage, by various locals, to Lesbos. This year I am to join the 'Jolly Boys (and girls) Outing' for the first time. 

Back in the real world, our morning tea and cake session... 'sea-watching' to some, was interrupted by an enthusiastic call from the front door by Observatory Warden, Martin. The Woodlark was showing, on and off, just up the road. We left to a man and there it was, easily visible from the road. Traipsing the turf, sodden in the extreme, was thankfully unnecessary. Now a photo... as it flew off.

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