Grove Point - Back 'On Patch'

Thursday, 1st November 2012

Well, what a week it was for birding on Portland last week re. Portland Bird Observatory news pages. So much so that I / we abandoned the East Weares for a few days and joined the happy throng. For a few mornings afterwards several birders including myself were 'complaining' how tired they were after having spent so much of the week out in the field.

Today it was great to be back 'on patch' therefore. Jon and I started at 7.55 am and notched up a quite respectable thirty three species in exactly three and a half hours. The weather forecast was for a sunny morning - it was, after a very cold hailstorm!

Jon back 'on patch' with Durdle Pier beyond.

By the time we had finished, on a day that we hadn't expected to see anything much, the wind had died right down. Warbler numbers were consequently up with five or more each of Chiffchaffs and Goldcrests and seven Blackcaps. Two adult and two immature Common Gulls along with four Black-headeds as well as the usual Herring and Greater-black backed Gulls showed in the Little Beach area. There were a decent number of Blackbirds and Song Thrushes on the under cliff over looking Penn Weare, and an immature Ring Ouzel, which if it hadn't called and shown perched momentarily, might have easily been passed off as a Blackbird it was so 'unmarked'.

Mammal-wise this morning we had a bull Grey Seal, one is seen here from time to time. Also Fox and two Bottle-nosed Dolphins; the latter attracting a lot of large gull activity where they breached the water. The latter were too far off to really get to grips with though as the mammals were moving into Weymouth Bay.

Grey Seal

Fox on the foreshore

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