The Water Ouzels

Tuesday, 9th October 2012

Well not quite Water Ouzel proper, (i.e. Dippers)  but some rather damp Ringed ones (Ouzels). It never stopped drizzling this morning. I went out well dressed for the occasion, you need to be for a three and a half hour walk along the Weares. It was damp, misty and the only other people about were two elderly ladies walking their dogs at daybreak. Today was all about thrushes... and very little else. Scores or more of Robins, dozens of Blackbirds, six or so Song Thrushes, and two 'brown' Ring Ouzels - long awaited and the first for the autumn.
Scores or more of Robins

The rain did hold off for what seemed like a very brief while. Several Blackcaps surfaced, along with a Garden Warbler; the latter being, would you believe it, only the third one I've seen here all year.

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