Stonechats and Kestrels

Thursday, 25th October 2012

Standing on the grassy bit, just off the track this morning, overlooking the slope with scattered bushes and boulders that fall away down the beach at Grove Point scanning through the bins. "I'm looking out for a Sibe Stonechat," I explained to Jon. "There's gotta be one here somewhere..." 

A minute later, fiddling with his phone, "Siberian Stonechat," he said. "Yes." said I.  "Here," he said. "Where?" said I... He showed me the phone; 'Siberian Stonechat' it read. There was one back on the Bill by Culverwell. Martin at the Observatory must have tweeted it out at the very minute I had said I was looking for one.  How switched on am I ;-) !

One hundred Gannets flew past today. Raptors abounded: Buzzard, Peregrines, Sparrowhawk and five or more Kestrels. Starlings are on the move now, with several flocks of twenty or more. How weird, we don't see them here in summer.

Kestrel (2 birds) - Penn's Weare, Portland

We eventually saw two, 'common or garden' Stonechats at the Weares... and the Sibe one at Culverwell later. There's a lot of fuss over it as yet another potential 'split'. Whatever, it's quite different to one(s?) I have seen before.

There may be more migrant activity over there, out on the Bill, where all those people rush and flush their way around the Obs Quarry and Top Fields. I'd much sooner be out on the Weares though in peace and quiet - unless of course there's a Special Stonechat, Daurian Shrike or a little leaf warbler that's too rare to mention in my neighbours' garden... just up the road.

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