High and Dry

Wednesday, 10th October 2012

I was on a high today - unlike several days last week when I didn't get out much and it seemed like the dreaded S.A.D had started to strike. The rain had stopped overnight but it remained overcast and breezy. A couple of Peregrines were going absolutely mad swirling and swooping over the track and the sea between Penn Weare and Little Beach. The 'tiny' male bird was going beserk - just as glad to 'get out' again in the dry, as I, no doubt.

Around thirty-eight Gannets appeared from the south along with five Black-headed Gulls and a few Herring'. All rather strange, so close in, so far up the Island... until several Bottle-nosed Dolphins surfaced around about below them. The sea was the most entertaining side of the birding this morning. Three Brent Geese passed by northwards at very short range. Eleven Common Scoter went off the other way.

Almost all of yesterday's Thrushes has apparently moved out. Only Robins remained. Nowhere near as many as yesterday though. A couple of Stonechats at Grove Point made up for that. This, my second sighting for the species here this autumn / winter was especially welcome after their absence for many months.

The light remained flat and the sun never came out properly. A bit of a shame that because one of the Daring class destroyers lurked out offshore. I recently began a series of silhouette warship shots here, and I was hoping to add to my collection. Here's one I did earlier:

Daring class destroyer off East Weare, Portland.

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