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Thursday, 11th October 2012

Every time I go out on the East Weares (Penn and East Weare), Portland - my particular patch, I post my sightings on the BTO / RSPB etc. BirdTrack website.

This involves checking in all the sightings every visit. The records can then be used by scientists for conservation purposes - or something like that!

I'm just a simple hobbyist birder. I have always kept a field note book and continue to do so. This online database however means that I can find out what I have seen and when, almost immediately.

As today's list is quite interesting - Hobby, Firecrest, Ring Ouzel - I tried copying and pasting it from BirdTrack, into the blog here.

Here are all forty-two species seen this morning. This is a very high number for the three-hour (plus) walk - very rarely achieved. There remains however the realistic possibility of seeing quite a few more species at any one time, so the potential total is considerably greater.

You will see here that I do record, but don't count every species. For anyone who knows the territory - the habitat is extremely dense and impenetrable over large areas. The numbers of some species here therefore will be very much greater than noted. There will of course, inevitably be further species present at the time that remain undetected.

Click on today's day list to enlarge it. Use the browser Go Back button to leave.

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